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Title: Faction War Format
Post by: zSimmons on July 28, 2014, 01:39:29 am
Factions wars are held at special arena that can be spectated by using warp spectator. 

To schedule a match, simply post a challenge on the "Faction War" board.

After that, if another team accepts your challenge, they will post on your topic. Both teams will then come to an agreement on  the rules, which include the amount of people aloud, time, banned items, wager,  etc.

After everything is set to play, A host will teleport the captains of the teams to the field on the selected time. The captains will then teleport their team to them.

When the host gives the signal to start, both teams will fight.

All fights are recorded and each faction will have a personal record. Highest rated factions will have giveaways throughout the seaon.

If a Host is not available at the given time, the match will have to be postponed to a later time.

While challenging other factions, you MUST use the format or the post may be locked or deleted.

To Inform the hosts on the final set of rules, send all of the official hosts a private message on the forums with the topic URL and the official rules.

From there, one of the hosts will then reply stating if they're free to host it at the given time.

**Note** The more notice you give the host(s), the better chance your war will go according to schedule.

Players per team:
Gametype: Ex: Archers only, Teamdeath. (If you want a special gamemode put it here)*May or may not be accepted*
Banned Items:
Time Limit:

****Must reply with "I accept" Then both captains should decide on a time, date, and rules before a host is informed****
****If you would like your challenge locked for any reason the original poster should request it in the replies****
****If any team cannot make it to the war, a captain must reply stating that there team is withdrawing.(This will not count as a loss against your factions record if you reply stating you are withdrawing with plenty of notice before the war.)****